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Laser Hair Removal in Oxford & Didcot, Oxfordshire

If you are looking for safe, effective and affordable laser hair removal in Oxford or Didcot then our expert team at The Smile Practice can help.

The majority of people regularly remove unwanted hair from their body but this requires continual and often painful upkeep. Methods such as shaving, waxing and epilating are all only temporary and can often result in rashes or ingrown hair.

At The Smile Practice in the heart of Oxford, we give you an advanced means to remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is the only treatment that can permanently condense the growth of unwanted hair, during a series of gentle, quick and effective sessions.

What does Laser Hair Removal involve?

Laser hair removal utilises the most modern laser technology to decrease the growth of unwanted hair for permanent manageability. The laser uses a narrow beam of light that targets hair follicles and disrupts their growth.

Your skin will remain completely unaffected and hair will cease to grow in the treated areas.

The laser used is attracted to the hair and its follicle, which works to convert this attraction into heat to destroy the follicle’s stem cell and halt any further growth. The laser is particularly drawn to melanin, and although the skin also contains some melanin, the large amount of the melanin in hair means that the follicle absorbs the heat, leaving the skin unscathed.

During your laser hair session a laser head is run along the areas you wish to treat, heating the hair follicles and disrupting growth. A cooling system is also used to decrease the heat of the laser on your skin and ensure that you are in complete comfort.

Which areas of the body can be treated?

All regions of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, for all varieties of skin for the removal of unwanted hair. A consultation with one of The Smile Practice team is recommended to help you decide if treatment is suitable for your condition.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

There may be some mild discomfort, which is often compared to the sting of a rubber band. However, the treatment combines an Integrated Cooling System that reduces any feelings of discomfort. There may be some mild redness and swelling 24 hours after your treatment, but this should subside very quickly.

How many Laser Hair Removal sessions are required?

You will generally be treated over the course of six sessions. However, the exact number will be decided upon your skin and hair colour among other factors. This will all be discussed during your consultation.

The Smile Practice in Oxford only uses the best laser hair removal treatment – Cynosure Laser Hair Removal – to produce excellent results and assure complete patient satisfaction.

Your Laser Hair removal options in Oxfordshire

To book your free initial consultation, call the numbers below:

Laser hair removal in Oxford: 01865 249492

Laser hair removal in Didcot: 01235 813245

Alternatively, click here to book online.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

We have ensured our prices are extremely competitive when compared to other laser hair removal treatments available in Oxford, Didcot and close by in Oxfordshire.  As a result our prices start from just £30.

Remember we only use the best laser hair removal available to ensure excellent results and patient satisfaction. We also offer discounts for a course of 6 sessions.

Please see our laser fee prices for our latest prices and offers.

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